Subscription status: Expired

I purchased a Sketchup pro subscription last month. However, when I’m trying to activate it, SketchUp tells me my license is expired:

I confirmed that I have an active license, and can provide the details:

I also followed the troubleshooting instructions but to no avail.

I tried contacting support using the contact form (link), but that form is broken and doesn’t allow me to submit. I tried with both Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome.

It would be great if someone from the technical support staff could assist me.


I am checking into it, and should figure out what is going on soon…

Ok, it didn’t take long!

Under your Gmail address you are admin for your subscription, which is why you see it in your account. Currently the subscription isn’t assigned to anyone, not even you. Go back into the account, Members section, and look for you in the list. Click the three dots on the right, and choose the option for changing your role. Make sure that you are assigned to use the subscription.

After doing that you may get away with closing and reopening SketchUp, or, sign out and sign in again. Then you should see the subscription as being active.

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Thanks Colin for the fast reply! I followed your instructions and was able to launch the application now so I’m all set.