I have Sketchup 2022 not working

Files are not opening!
Paid for subscription, downloaded the app, I am logged, I started SketchUp, no file is opening and it keeps asking to add classic license. Can’t find my serial number and authorization code anywhere.
Even though I have new subscription, and I am logged in, the subscription status is showing as expired.
What to do?!!

SketchUp 2022 does not use a classic license. The subscription model currently in use only uses your email address. You might post a screen-shot of the actual error being displayed. In any case, try signing out via SketchUp (I’m not sure in which menu is that option, sorry), exiting completely out of SketchUp, restarting SketchUp, and signing in via the same email address that you used to purchase the subscription. If that does not fix the issue, perhaps the subscription has not been assigned to your email address. Trimble’s web UI for buying and managing subscriptions can be confusing and it is possible to (unintentionally) skip the step of assigning the subscription to a “seat.”

The new SketchUp Pro subscription that you bought yesterday is not yet assigned to anyone.

Sign into this page:


Go into the Members section and look for your name in the list. Click on the three dots to the right, and change your product access so that you are the person who the subscription is assigned to.

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