Can't open sketchup 2022

Sketchup won’t let me sign in. it first says i have no internet and then says I’m not authorized to use it. I tried to sign into trimble and it does nothing. it is asking for my license and email, yet it tells me i have to open up sketchup to get my license number. I tried a different way to retrieve my license number, i apparently have to have the serial number.
Then, it says people who downloaded sketchup after 2019 might not have a serial number.

Can anyone help me

You have a current subscription to open SketchUp 2022? If so, you need to sign in with the e-mail address and password. There is no serial number or license key for SketchUp 2022.

I do… it opened just fine last week. I signed in with the email address and password. It’s asking for my license key and serial number.

Are you opening an old version (2019 or older)?

sketchup 2022 only

it’s so weird maybe i’ll restart my pc again… and maybe 10 more times lol

I was just thinking: If you are trying to open a SketchUp model by double-clicking on it in Explorer, its file association might still be stuck to an older SketchUp version, if you have one installed.

I’m trying to open a 2022 file… It just won’t let me. I can’t open it at all. It’s just saying i’m unauthorized and asking me for license key serial number…
I went on trimble and put in my email so they can send me license and they haven’t. no email. why trimble why

There is no license to send you for SketchUp 2022. Switch to the page to sign in with your subscription information.

what do you mean like just my email and password. what subscription info

Yes. As in my first reply, the email address and password you used when you purchased the subscription.

i did that. i’ve been signed in.

hey after opening and closing it 50 times it finally opened because it hates me

Probably just needed to sign out and sign back in once.

i did that 40 hundred times


i didnt have to sign in at least i hope sketchup sees this and realizes theres a glitch

Go to and check the ‘My products’ section.
What product do you have?

sketchup pro

More specific, does it have an expiry date?