Can't sign in again - Sketchup Pro 2020.2 - today 1 Sep 2020

I purchased Sketchup Pro 2020 on 10 August 2020 with my email address and using since trial period. No problem occurred up to 31 August. Today 1 September I can’t sign in, asking License Serial No. and Authorization code. I never received any no. I am using with my Trimble account with email and password and also updated the version 2 times latest is Sketchup Pro 2020.2 . I have tried according to the instruction from help center. Help center is also over ticketed and they can’t accept my complaint. Email to Trimble is only no reply. I don’t understand their service. Is somebody can help me to solve my problem?

Can you go to and sign in there? Then open SketchUp.

That would imply to me that you are looking at the Classic license pane and not the Subscription panel in the license manager.
Screenshot - 9_1_2020 , 8_04_28 AM

I already tried in Subscription, can’t sign is sir.

Did you try at the link I gave you?

Yes sir, I click Get help and follow the Instruction steps, but didn’t work.

Do I need to uninstall Sketchup Pro and reinstall it can solve the problem?

Did you buy a “classic” (aka permanent) license, or a subscription?

I bought Sketchup Pro Annual subscription. I have confirmation no. screen shot which I took from my Laptop screen.

Maybe @colin can sort it out.

How to get contact with Colin?

I pinged him in my post. That should get his attention. He works for SketchUp Customer Support.

Your email looks ok, and it should be working.

I started a new support case, look for an email from me. I will ask around to see if anyone has idea.

I had a thought, can you check your system clock, and see if it is exactly correct?

I don’t know if there is a way for me to get an instant alert about being tagged, but I check for new forum messages often enough that I will see when I have been mentioned not too much later.


My computer clock is correct and exact, Now 10:56 pm ( UTC 6:30) Yangon Myanmar

Thanks for checking. Have you previously used Sign in with Google? And even if you haven’t, does that work?

May be there is 3 different browsers I am using, Microsoft Edge, Firefox and Chrome, Now is on Edge. But my emails are Gmail on Firefox. With MS Edge only outlook is good, not good for gmails. Is there any browser problem?

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I used Google for internet search engine, on Firefox browser everyday. Nothing happen before.

I meant the Sign in with Google option you see when you are signing in to SketchUp.