Cannot launch SketchUp Pro instead SketchUp pro 30 day trial shows up

I have a current license for SketchUp 2021 subscription. I’ve logged out, then in, verified on my account page that my product is there and active. But when I click on my laptop icon it takes me instead to SketchUp Pro 30 day trial. Since I can’t open my SketchUp Pro subscription I can’t see my license number to try to do something about it. What gives. Super frustrated. The situation ruined a presentation and my work today.

I don’t see anything wrong with your subscription. It doesn’t use a license number, it only depends on you being signed in with the right email address.

Exactly what way do you sign in? For example, you can sign in with Trimble, Google, or Apple, which one are you using?

I have the same exact issue today too. How is this resolved?


Try signing out and signing back in. Click Sign out in the Help menu.

Thank you. As it turned out, I was using the wrong email account to sign in. Lesson learned here :slight_smile: Thanks

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That’ll do it, too. Glad you’ve got it sorted out.

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