SketchUp does not open

I have SketchUp Pro 2020 yearly subscription installed on my desktop and laptop.
After a couple of weeks that I haven’t used on my laptop, it says: “Your 30-days trial is over”.
I try to sign out and sign in, to no avail. This is very annoying, and it happens every time I don’t use SketchUp for a few days.
Is there any way to avoid this situation?
Thank you

The email you use in the forum doesn’t have a Pro subscription. That suggests that another email address of yours does have the subscription. Are there other email addresses that you have used in connection with SketchUp?

For my subscription I use: (edited so that bots don’t collect your email and send you spam!)

When I go to Trimble Account - Edit profile - Members, it shows that I have SketchUp Free, but I have a yearly paid subscription. Why is that? Before it showed that I have SketchUp Pro.
I started my subscription on 6/9/20.
Thank you!!

Check for a message from me.