Free trial failure

Such frustration. I activated my account so that i might try the 30 day free version, but received no download, or link to download. When i log in, i get directed to to a trimble page where i have options to “change my billing info”, “view members”, payment history" or “view products” And that is where the story ends. If i do click on “view products”, it says that my free trail will expire in 30 days on 13 Dec 2020, BUT no way to get to any kind of other page to either download software, or to start using it online. Help

Maybe you could download from here?

Thank you so much! It worked. Not sure if it was the correct thing though. It was Sketchup VIEWER 2020

You should have clicked on the first Download link. That’s for SketchUp Pro 2020.2 not the Viewer.

Make sure when you install it that you right click on the downloaded installer and choose Run as administrator from the context menu.

Please correct your forum profile to show that you are using SketchUp 2020 Pro and the type of license you purchased.

OOOHHHH. Ok. I thought the Pro was only a paid version. Thank you for a second time then. I will fix that now.

It is. There’s a 30-day trial period but after that you need to buy a license.

You said

That implies you want to try SketchUp 2020 for the trial period.