I can't start my 30 days free trial!

Hello, I installed sketch up 2019 and I can’t use the 30 days free trail. There’s a message that my trail has been already used but I never used sketch up 2019 before :c please help

Why would you trial 2019?
Did you trial another version priorly?

I had sketch up 2017 trial. But as far as I know I should be able to access another trial with newer version.

Try 2021. You can’t buy a license for those older versions now, anyway, so there’s no point in running those trials. Make sure you install Sketchup correctly by right clicking on the downloaded installer and selecting Run as administrator.

Go to myaccount.trimble.com and sign in.
Choose ‘My Products’ and see if there’s a plan for you.
Versions 2019 and up can be trialed if you have a trial plan.
Older versions had it ‘embedded’, but if you trialed 2017 and used the 3D Warehouse, you had to sign in, so that might triggered the trial plan as well.

It looks like you already did a 2021 trial. I’m not sure why 2019 shows as having been used, I don’t see it in your list of previous products. You could install 2020 and its 30 day trial should work for you.


I doubt it, only when a new version is released, one could trial prior versions, you need to have an active trial plan.

You’d think after at least two months of trials one would know if they wanted or needed to subscribe.


I have not used Sketch up 2021 but thank you for the tip with sketch up 2020. Do I need to uninstall the 2019 version before I install sketch up 2020?

This is what appears when I choose My products and I don’t really know what to do next

Unfortunately I tried installing 2020 and I have same message - that my trial was already used and I’ve only been using sketch up 2017

Maybe it’s time to go ahead and purchase the subscription for 2021 so you can move on to actually modeling.

Perhaps you only get to do a new 30 day trial for subsequent years, and not earlier years.

Whether you did it by accident or not, on September 14th 2021 you did start a 2021 trial.

When a new version is released, they are gonna roll out new trial plans, you might wanna @ChrisDizon when that will be :smiley:
The trial plan is not tied to a specific version, all versions that use the sign in (2019 and up) can be launched