How do I use the free trial?

I just downloaded Sketchup to use the free 30 day trial before purchasing but when I open the program, it won’t allow me to choose a template without entering license information. At the top it says Licensed To: SketchUp Pro 2016 User, Expired. And the Choose Template button is grayed out. How do I start using the free trial?

After the initial 30-day trial of the Pro version you either have to purchase it or us the free version called SketchUp Make. You can’t use Pro after the end of the trial period.

I understand that but I just downloaded Sketchup 30 minutes ago so I don’t understand why it would say expired.

Hm, there might be more than one reason. Let’s see what other community members have to say.

This license expired behavior has been recently reported by other users (in other threads.)

Other causes:

Previously used the trial. (Including older versions, that is, if this is how Trimble does things ie ‘one trial per lifetime’)

Time Stamp.

Bugged trial. (As noted, this issue has been previously reported.)

OS issues. (Win 10 can do some funny things…)

At any rate, it ‘should’ switch to SU Make version. Was the software obtained from the offcial site?

Yes, I downloaded it from the official site.

I believe you’re right. There may have been a time when I wanted to play
around with it in the past and downloaded it using the same email address
but just didn’t utilize the trial. I tried downloading it with a different
email and it worked. Thank you for the advice!

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