Unable to use the free trial


Hello, my previous license expired. I have re-ordered the new license but was hoping to do some work on Sketchup over the weekend. Realising that the relevant license details are unlikely to come through now until Monday (it’s 7.45pm here), I paniced that now my weekend is a write off. I then remembered there’s aa 30 day free trial but am unable to log in to it…does Sketchup know that I have an expired license and therefore am I somehow not eligible for the free trial???


In a word: Yes. SU Pro requires that you are logged in, and Trimble knows your license is expired.

Unless you rely on Pro only features, you can download SketchUp Make and work with that until your new Pro license details come through.


Which version of SketchUp are we talking about here?


I’ve downloaded SU Make but my mac doesn’t seem to make the distinction…when I go to my applications folder, there is still only one version of SU…


Hi DaveR - it’s 2017


Did you already using SU2017 for the 30 day trial before?


Yes I’ve been using it since last month


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