Sketchup pro trial expired on download



So I just downloaded sketchup pro, opened it up, and it said that my trial was over, and to add a license or buy sketchup pro. But I really don’t want to buy it without testing it extensively first! (I don’t have very much money!)
Any way I can bypass this? (I tried re-downloading, but it didn’t work.)


I don’t know if there are any options here. Apparently the software thinks you’ve already run through your trial period… and it will usually remember if it has been previously installed or not.

I don’t know what the rate of errors are for this—and thus don’t remember ever seeing if there is a reset option,… but I doubt it.

As a workaround to get something going right now—you might try installing the SU 2017 version and taking that one out for a test drive.

The two version are similar enough where you can rely on a meaningful test that will transfer forward, and obviously if you end up liking 2017, then any purchases will automatically upgrade you into the 2018 version.


Ok, thanks! I’ll try that…


could it have something to do with the time/date settings on the computer you are using ?


No, they are right.


a previous version already demoed on this system?
fiddling around w/ time/date settings?

You can obviusly trial on another system or contact Trimble for getting license data which will provide you with some additional trial runtime.


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