Is SketchUp in Trial or say your Trial has expired, even though you purchased SketchUp?

Hello everyone! Help needed!

I purchased Sketchup Pro yesterday after having the 1 month trial. It looks like I have activated the license on my Trimble account, however when I try to open the software it says “SketchUp Pro Trial User, Expired”.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the the software, however after reading the forums, that doesn’t seem to be the issue. I understand now that Sketchup Pro does not require a license or activation key and should just be activated to a user on the Trimble account, which I have done.

I am unsure how to essentially log out of the trial user and log in with my new company name?

Please help!

Thanks in advance

Just signing out and signing in again should give SketchUp a chance to see that you now have a subscription. Make sure you are signing in with your ongrowing email address.

Hi Colin,

I am signing with my OnGrowing Trimble account. Still not luck. Please please help. I have been stranded for two days.

I mean that in SketchUp itself you would sign out, and sign in again. You can do that from the Help menu.

Hi Colin,

How do I sign out. When I launch the program there is no sign out option. There is only a learn, license and template option. Is there a way to send a screen shot to you?

The Help menu should be visible by that point. Also you can click on the avatar in the upper right of the welcome screen, and sign out from that menu.

Eveyrthing is frosted or I am unable to click. Could I send a print screen to you to show what I am seeing?

Let’s carry on with this in the support email that you sent. I will reply to that in a moment.

Thanks, I have literally tried everything. Loosing on projects because of this.

Heather was using SketchUp 2018, and so didn’t see the sign in options. She’s on 2020 now, and was able to sign in successfully.

I should have known…

Me too.

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