SketchUp free trial won't work

So I have downloaded the 2019 sketch up free trial many times and I have tried to sign in on tremble, but it does not open up the login page for me to move forward to using the program. I have tried running as an administrator many times already. I have attempted to open up link on google chrome, but still no luck, so please help me.

Where did you download it from?
Do you have a Trimble ID that is activated?
In a browser (preferably Chrome or Firefox),
go to
Sign in on the upper right.
Use the email address that you used trying to sign in in SketchUp

There are three options:

  • You are prompted to fill in a password
  • It says that you need to create a Trimble ID
  • It says it is nearly ready

The first one means that you have an activated Trimble ID. That means it should work signing in SketchUp, too

The second means that you would need to fill in some info (first and last name, password) in order to create a Trimble ID.
By doing so, you will receive an activation mail that probably ends up in your Spam folder, try to look there.

You will now be prompted that it is nearly ready (3 option), when trying to log in. (Option 3)

The activation link needs to be clicked within 3 days, after that, Trimble will delete the reserved account and you would need to make another (this can be done with the same email address, btw)

So, what does it say?

The things you suggested probably are not the problem in this case. The 30 day trial ran out at the end of December. All that I see for his account is Free, so this should still work:

Still, it’s curious that the sign in isn’t working from the expired trial. I would expect it to sign in and then say the trial was expired.

When you try to sign in, does the browser window come forward?