Log in problem

I can’t log in to my web account with my email. It just nothing happening! Any ideas?

There is a verification email that gets sent, and I suspect it went into your junk email, or even failed to get to you.

I will resend the activation email. Often when I manually send that message it gets through, even if the automated one failed.

I just sent it, at 4:58 PM Mountain Time.

Thanks for the reply.
I received activation email. Insert my email and nothing happens.

Following messages on next screen:

Your Trimble account is nearly ready. Please click the link in your email to activate the account.

Didn’t receive the activation email? Click here to resend it.

Did you click a link in one from earlier today, or one from a few minutes ago?

That aside, the password that you chose, did it have more than one special character in it? There is a defect still where if you had more than one special character, the sign in page would fail. If that might be the problem try a password reset, and use a password that only has one special character in it.

I clicked on from last email. It does’t give me the page with password. Only email. My password include one capital letter, six low er case, two numbers and exclamation mark.

I have sent a request to have the account activated at our end. When that is done you should get a new email to say it’s active. Signing into SketchUp or any Trimble web site will work after that.

They should tell me when it’s ready too, and I will check back here to see if you can sign in ok.

Thank You!

Everything is working Thanks again!

Thanks, I see it as active as well. I hadn’t heard back from that team yet, but when I do I can tell them you are all set.

Strangely, I only just heard from the account people to say they had activated the account. If you saw any messages about that recently, and your sign in is still working, you shouldn’t need to follow any instructions in the new message.

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