No activation email

I signed up yesterday, about 16hours ago, & never received the activation email.
Have tried the password reset process, & again, there is no email.

The forum activation email was received immediately.

How can I activate the account?

What account? Are you sure you entered the right emailaddress?

If you are referring to a purchase of SketchUp Pro, the transaction is performed by humans, and it might be that there is no one at the SketchUp offices during the weekend.

It is the correct email address, Chrome has saved it & autofilled it.
Same email address was used for the forum registration.

This is for SketchUp Free

So you’re referring to your Trimble Connect account? It would have been helpful if you’d included that in your initial post.

Have you tried going to Trimble Connect to sign in?

It is doing the same as previously;

Sign in to Trimble Connect
Your account has not been activated yet.

To activate your account, click the link in the activation email that we sent you.

Trouble finding the email? Click Forgot Password to verify your email.

If I click ‘Forgot Password’ & enter the email address, I get this;

Thanks! Check your email for instructions to reset your password.

but there is no email received to reset the password.

If I try & create a new account with the same email address, I get this;

The email you provided is already associated with a Trimble Account.

I have had an email notification from the forum system to the same email address.
Have checked junk folder etc, & there are no emails from Trimble at all.

Same Problem Here.

Hello @option_brum & @Andy_Keller,

I will attempt to help with your inability to create an SU for Web (Trimble Connect) account by pinging members of the SketchUp Team. Once the SU Team gets involved with this they may be able to correct the issue or at least they will be able to direct this conversation to the appropriate person if they can’t fix it themselves.

You should amend your post by sending me a Private Message with your email address. (It is preferred that you not post your private information publicly on the Forum.) That way I can forward your contact info to the SU Team members as soon as I receive it and that may help them to more quickly assist you.

I’ve replied to a message from the support team, thanks

It looks like there are at least 3 others having the same issue recently, that have bothered to create a forum account & report it. How many haven’t?

Exact same issue here. I’ve used a hotmail address to sign up, perhaps this is the problem?

Same problem. Did not receive any activation email after sign up.

For google email users its easier because you can just sign in with google.

Having the same issue. No activation email, to verify my email I reset my password with the email I used to sign up with. Nothing!

I have got the exact same issue and I’m also using a hotmail addresss to sign up. Is there a way to fix it yet or what can I do now?

Hotmail users have in the past reported issues with activation emails ending up trapped by their spam filters. We fixed some issues in that area about two weeks ago. Are you still experiencing the problem today?


Dear John,

Thank you for your message.

I am indeed experiencing this problem today. I have also checked my spam inbox and if any e-mail has gotten in my blocked list. There was nothing there.

Kind regards,


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I have the same problem.

No email verification and no reset password received for the sketchup web subscription

I tried an “outlook” and a “Libero” email. Same problem with both.

But I successfully received the activation email for this forum on the outlook address.

What can I do?

Same problem here. Tried twice with 2 different email addresses. Have sent an email to support. Wait & see I guess.

Is there any news yet? I still am not getting an activation e-mail. Don’t know where else to look for some help with this issue.

I am also not getting any email when trying to reset my password. I can no more access my trimble account.
I have seen that it was possible to send private login address to Trimble support. How does this work?