I don't get the activation email for new Free Sketchup

I’m setting up a new account for Free Sketchup 2021. The setup takes me to:
https://identity.trimble.com/trimble-identity/identity/login . . .
which has me sign in with my e-mail, which takes me to:

“Your Trimble account is nearly ready. Please click the link in your email to activate the account.”

However, I never receive any e-mail, even though I have tried multiple times using Firefox & Edge. (And nothing in junk mail.)

Hitting the “Next” button does nothing because it is still waiting for the activation link in the email.

The email address is correct & worked immediately to activate this forum account…

Thanks for your help with this.

I had the email resent. Sometimes when I do that it works, even if it failed before.

See if something showed up now.


Thanks for jumping right on this.

However, I got nothing & no junk mail.

This page is meant for billing issues and similar topics, but you can use it to tell support that your attempt to set up an account failed. They can get your account activated even if your email system is blocking emails:


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