No activation email for Web Version

Hi there,

I am suffering from a problem that seems to be known.

I do not receive the activation email to use the Sketchup Web version.

Yes, I have looked into the SPAM folder. → No mails there, either.
Yes, I have checked that I typed the email address correctly. → it is correct
Yes, I checked the firewall → there are no restrictions.
Yes, it is the SAME email address I use to log into this forum. → shows that I can receive emails under the SAME email address.

But no, no success, Tried weeks ago, tried today 10 times. It tells me “We’ve re-sent the activation email. Please check your email inbox.” But appearently, it did not send the email.

My email system accepts emails from everyone. Never had this issue with any other subscription system. So it must be a problem on your side.

Please help, otherwise I would say the web version does not exist. Does it?

I mean this one:

AFAIK you don’t need an e-mail from Trimble. You just sign in to your Trimble account with the e-mail address you used to purchase.

OK, WHERE do I sign in? Which website?

BTW: I did not purchase anything, just registered for the free version and could not complete the registration (for the reason that you know).

What browser do you use?
Try a different one.
Or use an incognito or private tab.
Go to and try to sign in, there.
Use the resend button and check your email.

You need to have an ‘Active’ Trimble ID, to confirm that the used email exists and is a real person.

Dear Mike,

I tried incognito window or other browser. No success.

I suspect that this is not a browser problem, it is a problem with your website or server. Here is why:

  1. I go to this page:
  2. I enter my login email, click next
  3. it tells me that my account is nearly ready.
  4. I click on “resend email”
  5. the website confirms that it has sent the email. It tells me “We’ve re-sent the activation email. Please check your email inbox.” → this means: the frontend (your web page and my browser) did the exactly right thing, but …
  6. … your backend (server scripts) does not send no such email. No activity on my side can influence this behavior.

Same with your second proposal to ‘Active’ Trimble ID.
No success, Page tells me “verification code is wrong”.

Here is what I did:

  1. visited
  2. entered e-mail address, clicked NEXT
  3. entered password, clicked NEXT
  4. received verification email with verification code
  5. entered that code into website
  6. see the message “verification code is wrong” (I see the German text)
  7. I tried “resend code” → send button got stuck in “waiting mode” (with circling arrow), no further email is coming

I am a software tech guy, I understand webservers and authentication processes. But your solution seems to very fragile

Any chance you have number lock or caps lock etc active.

The really awkward thing here is that I am in fact getting emails from your server .(from forum and from Trimble ID) … but unfortunately …

a) the most important email with the activation link for the Web Version does not reach me → so I cannot active something here


b) the Trimble Identity verification code seems to be the wrong one → so I cannot activate my Trimble ID

@Box: I have checked number and caps lock. And used copy&paste. No success

Dear @kaisen, thank goodness, these servers are not mine :slight_smile:
Most of us around here on this user forum don’t work for Trimble.
In most cases, the explained workarounds work, but now, maybe there where to many attempts with the resend.
Spamfilters of email providers don’t like that.

If you have another email address, you could try that.
Or contact Trimble.

Hi Mike,

thanks for the clarification and your support.

I am failing with other verification issues now in the technical support and ID (emails arrive but after 90 minutes, which is 30 minutes late to use the verification code).

So, i conclude that Sketchup does not like me, which is great, so I can reduce the number of tools in my evaluation process.

Best regards,

Sorry to hear that, the system usually is quite responsive. It works for millions , so you are lucky to be special😀

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