No Activation email - no response from support

I signed up for Pro on Saturday, received emails confirming payment made, but no activation email. Have tried several times to get it resent over the last few days, but nothing has arrived. Emailed Support, received ticket number 10352918, but still no activation email. Can anyone help me here?

Did you pirchase a subscription license? If so, you should need an activation e-mail. There won’t be a key or serial number or anything. You just open SketchUp and on the Welcome screen go to the license page and under Subscription, sign in with the e-mail address and password you used to purchase the license.

This is what the landing page looks like … no LICENCE button?

That’s the SketchUp webpage. You did download and install SketchUp didn’t you?

Hi Dave,

OK, found it in Sketchup, but not getting any joy there either. Closed down Firefox and tried in Chrome… I end up here… needing an activation email

I mean I went to the “sign up” subscription with Firefox open, and it would not connect. Set to Chrome and tried there and got the above

Maybe @colin can straighten you out.

Any Microsoft email system can have difficulties receiving emails from us, so much so that I wrote a guide on how to find our emails. I’ll paste that below, and I will reply to your 10352918 support case with more things that you need to know.

Finding an email that came from, and that Microsoft sent to a Junk mailbox, can be a challenge. The general problem is that searching for the message will not find the message. Fortunately there is a way around that problem in most cases. Here are three example cases, and for each one you should try the steps soon after having created an account or done a password reset request:

You are using the Outlook app on mobile, and searching for ‘trimble’ shows no results. Try these steps:

  1. In the upper left of the app screen, touch on your initials.
  2. In the list, choose Junk.
  3. Scroll through the list of recent messages, the Trimble one should be there.

You are using to read your hotmail or other Microsoft account:

  1. Use the search option in the upper left of the page, to search for ‘trimble’. Nothing will show up.
  2. Change the drop down menu from All to Junk. The messages should appear in the list.

You are on iPhone and using the Mail app to read your Microsoft account. For this example the account has been added with the name "Outlook’:

  1. Touch on the Outlook mailboxes. Swipe downwards to reveal the Search option.
  2. Type in ‘trimble’. Do not touch the Search button, doing that will fail to find the emails.
  3. Instead, look in the instant search results, and the Trimble email is likely to be the first entry.
  4. Touch on that message to view it in the Junk mailbox.
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