How do you resend an activation email

I signed my company up for 8 subscription license on Friday. The confirmation went through and I was able to login to the management site. I assign product to every users, and entered their email address. I have several users who have not received a activation email nor a link to download the 2020 version of Sketchup.
Is this something you can help me with?

If you assigned the seat to an email that is already a Trimble ID, they can go straight to the downloads page to get the installer:

I looked at your 8 users, 7 look ok, and should be able to download, install, and sign into SketchUp, and their subscription should work. For the user with the initials ‘ks’, they are having password issues. I will resend a password reset, but in a way that usually seems to get through ok.

I wrote a post once, and about the typical reasons that the confirmation and password emails don’t get through. For interest you could see if any of what I wrote applies to your users.