Prior problem trimble sign-in

I sign in with my email and trimble never send me the confirmation email
i ve tried many times and the page show me “We’ve re-sent the activation email. Please check your email inbox.”
sketchup community send it, so I recive it and I can write here.
I also looked at spam folder.
I was tying th re-send every day for three days, several times every day.
best regards.

I’m confused. Are you asking about membership on this forum or about use of SketchUp Free Web?

Do you have access on another machine? What email provider?
Do you have a antivirus running?

My take is that he signed up for the forum successfully, so emails from us to him do work, but his repeated attempts to activate his Trimble ID have not reached him. Which also means he can’t sign in to use the Free version.

I sent a message to ask for his email so I can look into it.

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Love the way everyone does their best to help here

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