Can not activate Trimble acount

I can not activate a new account with Trimble. I need a email from Trimble with a link to activate the new account. I created an account with a password and user id. When I try to log on the new account I RECEIVE A MESSAGE account not activated click link on email we sent you. The email is not in my email account. I think I may have typed my email address incorrectly. All I need is to activate an account. Sketchup has been installed an runs without problrms

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Hi @mostdrum. Can you share a screenshot of what you’re seeing? We aren’t seeing a request from your email address on our end.


this is the wrong email address . my email address is I need a activation link sent to this address’

Thank you. Can you try to create a new Trimble ID with the correct email?

I cannot create a new trimbel account and if I try to create a new trimble account I get a message telling me I have an existing trimble account that needs to be activated. To activate the account i need to click on a link trimble sent me in an email. The email is lost its not in the spam folder, its not in the deleted files folder. This seems to be an endless loop. I requested a trimbel account through this computer and I was supposed to receive an email with a link to click to activate my account. Something went wrong and no email came. All I want is a Trimble account. Is there any way I can get a Trimble account please.Tthank you for your help . Tom

Hi @mostdrum: We have updated your email address to the correct one, and you should be receiving an email shortly. Please let me know if you don’t receive it. Thank you!

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