Getting no help from Trimble

Hello! I’ve had a perpetual license since since the inception of Sketchup. Just bought a pro subscription but I can not activate it. Trimble is of no help even though in my account is shows up as being paid for and active.
The only thing I can think of is perhaps I have to deactivate my perpetual license before the subscription can be activated. I use sketchup every day for business so I’m a bit reluctant to try this. Any advise would be greatly appreciated!

Hello HEI,

Our customer support team usually has a bit of catch-up to do after the weekend, so if you’ve already contacted us, I hope you will hear back soon. In the meantime, can you share more so I can try to advise? Are you unable to sign-in to your subscription inside of SketchUp Pro 2020, or do you see an error message when you sign in? Please share any screenshots of what you are seeing.


Hi Mark,
Thanks for getting back to me. I did attach 3 images to the original request but here they are again.
Yes, I am getting the “Trial subscription expired” when trying to sign in. Just wondering, do I have to

deactivate my perpetual license for it to work? I need to be able to use sketchup on a daily basis so I can’t
tolerate any downtime here. Please feel free to call my number below in my signature.
Thanks, (40 KB)

I see that my colleague replied to the message you sent on Sunday morning. His message was sent over three hours ago. It’s possible you have replies from us filtered off into a junk mailbox.

His message included every bit of advice it can, but to save you some time, the issue is that the subscription isn’t assigned to anybody. To fix that, sign into this page:

Choose Members, then in the SketchUp Pro panel look for a +Assign button. Click on that, and add yourself as the user for the subscription. You should then show in the list of members.

Once you are there, return to SketchUp, and if it isn’t already showing your subscription as active, sign out, and sign in again, so that it can update your subscription status.

You can reply here if that doesn’t work, or otherwise look around your mailboxes for my colleague’s reply from this morning.


Hi Colin,
Thanks for the reply, and that seems to have done the trick. I’m just curious, I don’t recall seeing that step described anywhere, how would anyone know that had to be done?
When launching sketchup it seems to have recognized the subscription immediately.

While paying for a subscription there is a checkbox that is on by default, and could have been accidentally turned off. Normally the seat is automatically assigned.