Just installed Sketchup Pro 2015 Trial, but it claims it has expired



I have been using an earlier version of the free Sketchup, but I have just now come to need the ability to import illustrator files, which is only doable in Pro. Before plunking down $600, I wanted to see how this feature actually works, whether it does what I really need it to do. So I downloaded the Pro version, to use the 30 day trial.

But when I opened it after installation, it claims the trial has already expired!

Was this due to the presence of an earlier free version? This seems odd to me, that using the free, hobbled version of the program would preclude you from trying the full version. Did I do something wrong in the installation? (I tried uninstalling everything and reinstalling it, but to no avail.)


probably because the SU 2015 Make version already provided you initialy with a 30 day trial of the Pro version…


Ah, thank you.

That is unfortunate; I was not aware of that when I downloaded the free version, though I probably just overlooked where it stated that.