Sketchup Pro Trail Expried in 1-2 days

2 Days ago I decided to try out Sketchup and mess about with some ideas I had, and was then notified by the website that there was a free 30 day trail, which I didn’t need but was interested to try out and since you are forced to use the pro version from the start anyway I was hoping to try it out.
Yesterday I started using sketchup for the first time, today I wished to continue only to be notified I’ve been using sketchup for 30 days and that my trail has expired. I haven’t even had time to try any of the pro features, yet here I am with an expired pro version within at most 2 hours usage on the first day (yesterday)…

I don’t really care that the trail has expired, it does however make me skeptical of buying the pro version especially since I haven’t had the “convenience” of using them, so I won’t know what I missed.

Any thoughts on this issue/bug?

did you have a Pro trial installed on this system formerly?
did the system has changed (operating system, date/time, hardware as network adapters)?

alternatively just use the functional limited SketchUp 2015 Make version free for non-commercial use.

No I never had it before on any machine I ever owned, and this is also a fresh install.

I know I could just use the limited version of sketchup 2015 make, but the whole point of a trail is to try it out, which I did not get to do especially as it says 30 days but runs out within 1-2 days, from a programmer viewpoint that’s a bug.

did the system has changed (operating system, date/time, hardware as network adapters)?

the Make version runs the first 30 days as a trial of the Pro too and then degenerates to the limited functionality of the Make version.