SketchUp 2019 Pro Trial

I have used for some time Sketchup Make 2017.
Today i was thinking to try Sketchup 2019 Pro.
But that is not working because the message i receive say:
Your 30 days trail is finish.
What is that means? If you try first an free version of Sketchup you MUST directly by 2019 Pro?

Did you sign in?

Am getting directly that message.

I don’t know how you triggered it, but you seem to have started the 30 day trial in early July. That was with a hotmail account. Maybe that’s not your usual account, and you can start a new trial with your main account.

For anyone, when you come to the sign in part of starting a trial, you could pick a new Trimble ID address, and that would surely start a new trial. Think about it though, because if you have previous extensions or 3D Warehouse models it might be inconvenient if you have to sign in as one email address then switch to another to get your extensions an models.

Having said that, if you do go on to buy a subscription under a new Trimble ID, you could still assign the subscription to your usual email address, and have the convenience of using your old extensions under the same email address.

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The hotmail account is my usual account. Why you think it’s not?
On sketchup 2017 i have delete my account and made an other hotmailaccount .
And sign in on the earlier sketchup.
Than install sketchup 2019 pro and sign in to it.
And that is working.

What Colin is telling you is that after he looked up your e-mail address, the records show that you started your 30-day trial in early July. That’s well over 30 days ago so it should be no surprise that the trial period has ended.

So what i understand is this:
If you trying Sketchup Make and before you buy Sketchup Pro 2019 you must try it before the 30 days are finish of trail.
If you are to late you can ONLY BUY 2019 Pro?
And not look if it is nice working and better than Make?

The thirty days can not be spread over the year.
Earlier versions had a 8 hour hour pure usage trial, though.

Sorry to say Mike Wayzovski but this is NOT an answer on my question.

Do you mean the web-based version? That is called Free, you seem to have missed that you could download the desktop version 2019 to trial for 30 days, along side using the web-based Free version, I guess?
So that period started when you signed up for ((Web-based) Free… The the ‘trial’ gives you acces to both, starting at the same time and at the end of that period, the Studio (which includes Desktop version as well as Sefaira) Stops

Ah, I just realized what may have happened. In the welcome screen of Make 2017 is a promo for SketchUp 2019. If you had ignored that and just clicked Start Using SketchUp, you would have had the 30 days of Pro features inside Make, before it fell back to being only the Make features. By clicking on the Trial option inside the Make 2017 welcome screen, you started a SketchUp Studio 2019 30 day trial going.

That is the one that ran out, and unfortunately you were looking at Make 2017 during that time.