Seeing 30 day trial having paid already (was Trimble Contact Us Sucks)

I just paid for Sketchup Pro 2022, upgrading from SU2017. I followed the instructions and got SU Pro 2022 on a 30 day trial. I think I could have got that without paying. When I go to Contact Us to find out what happened to my account, all links send me to here. I am pretty sure that this is not a place that can help my issue. Of course it is probably something I am doing wrong. Thanks a lot Trimble. Horrible service.

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You have a Pro subscription under your upstatehorse email address. If you are signing in with a different email address, it will seem like a 30 day trial.

Also, even if you are signing in with the right email, you may see the trial message still, because you have a 30 day trail of SketchUp Studio. After 30 days you won’t have access to Sefaira or the other extras in Studio, but your Pro features will still work.

Thanks for the quick response. It helps. It makes sense that if I sign in under the wrong address then it will come up with a 30 day trial. What doesn’t make sense is that I sign in under the correct address and see a 30 day trial, after paying a bunch of money. Weird. It might be like if you provided me with the subscription and my bank replied that we will pay you later.

I agree that it can be confusing, to see that you have some days remaining on a 30 day trial that does more than you payed for, and that you have to trust that after 30 days you will still get what you did pay for.

But, to make sure that you are in the state I think you are, can you show a screenshot of the message about the trial? Don’t include any personal information. I hope that I can then tell you for sure that you are a Pro user with some Studio trial time left, as opposed to a Free user with some Studio trial time left.

Your name is fairly common amongst SketchUp users. Even so, I think I found other you. I believe that you are signing in with a Gmail address that starts with jdg, and to see your subscription you need to sign in with your upstatehorse email.

If you would rather be using your Gmail address, sign into this page with the upstatehorse email and then go to Members, to remove the current address and add your Gmail one instead:

Thanks. I knew it was my fault.

Might want to edit the title to something more suitable and that might lead someone else who makes the same error to the solution.

I edited it.

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I will remove the word “sucks” in appreciation of Colin’s help and add a word about identity but I was being sarcastic when I said that it was all my fault. Computers should make things easier for people and reduce the potential for human error. I found the Trimble web pages very confusing and hard to use. When I was trying to just upgrade my account it was showing me lots of sales hype rather than helping me to just do what I wanted to do. When things went wrong “:Contact Us” tabs all seemed to lead me into forums for non sales type issues which did not seem appropriate for my problem. In order to run the newer SU I had to upgrade Chrome also. Google does not like my normal email address so I have been led, in the past, to have two email address IDs. In order to run the new Chrome I had to buy a newer computer. Wha Wha Wah.

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Thanks again.