Sketchup Subscription Amount Debited but it's still showing trial period

Sketchup Up Pro was renewed on 16-Dec-2021 annual subscription yet it is not showing in my account. I am also unable to access my account section in trimble after logging in to the website. I also have the invoice.

In most cases, if one doesn’t see the right plan it is because the auto assignment went wrong or is unchecked when the order was done.
You can check which email address or Trimble ID has ‘Product Access’ in the ‘Members’ section when logging in the AMP (

Make sure you sign in with the right email address.
Check which email has product access and change or modify it.

Back in SketchUp, also make sure which email address you are using and sign out and back in if anything has changed.

You use two different email addresses with us. The one that has the subscription is your Gmail address, not your Outlook address.