Sketchup Pro thinks its expired, annual plan purchased in May

I purchased the annual plan of Sketchup Pro on May 2 2023 and tried to open up a new file but the program is showing “Your 30-Day Trial is over”

Ok, so I click the “Already purchased” link on the bottom…

I get brought to the licensing page, for the classic license you can add a serial number and authorization code. Sketchup help page is showing no serial numbers are offered with the annual pro plan subscription since 2019.

Ok, so i switch to the subscription plan tab. It shows “Subscription status: Expired”

So I click “already purchased a subscription? Get help here”

I get brought to “Troubleshooting a Trial message after buying SketchUp”, I follow through and get to a dead end telling me to verify my email…

No luck.

I tried to fill out a contact customer support form but the submit button is non-functional even with every text box filled.

Here is where I think the issue is.

If I go into my Trimble account, it shows i have 2 personal accounts.

The first says I have “Sketchup Free active” under My Products.

The second says I have “No products yet!”
and yet under plan settings it shows I have “Sketchup Pro, Annual plan Active.” with billing information and payment history.

So what I suspect is happening is when I log into my the sketchup program, it is accessing the first personal account (with the trial) and not the second (with no products, but an active plan and purchase history) and therefore not allowing me to access sketchup at all.

Any advice on how I can get this solved?

Have you tried the Members section (on left - not shown below) and selected Modify Product Access?

Life saver, thank you!!

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