Sketchup Pro 2-year plan No seats available?

I had purchased the Sketchup Pro 2-year plan back in September. When I go to my trimble account it shows up under expired and it says i have 0/0 seats available.

really? 2 year?

Two years before that you had paid for a 2 year subscription. When you renewed in September it was then a 1 year subscription. I still see it as active, and assigned to you.

I have the invoice from Sept 07 2023 that says Part Number “SKP-PRO-2YR-WEB-01” with billing period of 07-Sep-2023 to 06-Sep-2025. I was able to find the download and it looks like i’m in Pro now. But when I go to manage my account > my products i still do not see sketchup pro. And under “Plan settings”. it shows “Sketchup pro, 2 year plan” as expired

I do see that charge.

You may need to contact customer support, they have better tools than I do for checking into account problems. Use this form: