My Sketchup Pro License Annual Plan got expired after 3 months?

I just resubscribed my Sketchup Pro for 349 USD in January 2024. Out of sudden, after working in the morning on April 5th, I came back from lunch and relaunched the program. It said my current Sketchup 2023 is not available anymore, and I need to upgrade it. So I followed their instruction. Then I could not log in anymore. So I checked my Trimble ID and it said my plan was expired. I tried to reach the customer service. But none of them is available. Or did I miss any platform? Could you advise?

By the way, I bought this license online. Maybe this the worst thing to do?

it’s around midnight - 1am at Sketchup right now.
give them time to wake up. :slight_smile:

yes and no. if you’re not based in the US, it might be a better idea in the future to buy it through one of the official resellers.

unlike Sketchup’s staff, they manage a single country. they speak your language, they have (roughly) the same opening hours as you do.

meanwhile, have you tried logging off and on again, stuff like that ?
when you say

Sketchup 2023 is not available anymore, and I need to upgrade it.

do you mean the “there is a new version” message ? and you installed sketchup 2024 ?
if so, sketchup 2023 is still there, major updates don’t delete previous versions, they install next to them.

Thanks a lot ateliernab. Your reply makes sense.

My current Skp 2023 asked me to update only - just “Update now” button available. Even though I have version 2022 as well. Anyway guess I need to postpone my deadline. Again Thanks.