Sketchup Pro License deleted after managing seats


We’re a small company using a yearly Sketchup pro license with 4 seats assigned. On the account web page, under the /Member tab, we deleted one of our 4 existing seats (account of an ex coworker) to create a new one for a new coworker. However, right after clicking, an error message appeared (“something went wrong” or something like that, I unfortunately don’t remember) and then I realized that our whole Sketchup pro yearly plan had dissappeared. We’ll obviously contact costumer, but while we wait and since we have a lot of curent projects depending on Sketchup right now, I’m asking the community if someone can guess what we did wrong or if it’s just a strange bug ?


There are several different accounts and companies you are connected with, it’s hard to tell which one to look for current subscriptions.

When your admin is signed into this page:

look on the left side for a menu of accounts. See if the subscription shows up under a different account.

That email doesn’t have any current subscriptions - the last ones expired in May/June


The last payment of 1 196 USD appearing on this account was made on June 5th 2023 according to the payment history.

We were all using SketchUp without any problems with this same account until yesterday when it crashed while we were managing the seats.

Best thing to do is contact support

Technical Support | SketchUp Help

I found the account. There are three seats, one assigned to alizee, one to Marc, and one unassigned.

In the account management page is a Members section. You should be able to assign the third seat to someone. I don’t see a fourth seat.