Sketchup Pro thinks I'm on a "free trial"... but I've paid

I don’t know how to tell Sketchup Pro that I’ve paid for a year subscription. Message on opening says I have [10-9-8…] days left in my free trial. How do I associate my account with the Sketchup Pro that is running on my computer?

I have Internet problems at the moment, and can’t look up your details. But, this problem is always that you didn’t sign out and in again after buying a subscription, or you are signing in with a different email address.

There is another common problem, where the subscription seat has not yet been assigned.

I briefly managed to get through to your account. Your new subscription is not yet assigned to your email address. Go to Trimble | Account Management and in the Members section add you as the user for the subscription.

Yes thank you. I don’t know how to assign the seat.

I updated my first message.

I was able to assign myself with some help from Sketchup support. Thanks.