Sketchup Pro gone Subscription but is still on trial version?


it is the first time i write in this forum so please forgive my possible mistakes.
I used SketchupPro 2015, i downloaded the SketchupPro 2019 trial, i liked it and i decided to buy the subscription plan. I live in Greece so i contacted the local reseller - buy the way they are really nice and helpful- and so i bought it.

but though i bought it my plan is still on trial version.
When i go on my Trimble account i have like two “names”, my company name and my name with different plans under the same email.
I use one laptop, a MacBook pro and SketchUp Pro (the trial version) is authorised only with my company’s name “name”-plan but it is the trial and expires in 22 days

the Sketchup Pro that i Bought is under my name’s plan but my laptop is not authorised to use it???

what am i supposed to do?
i contacted the local reseller they say that when the trial version is over it will automatically turn into the subscription version??

would really appreciate a solution.
thank you very much

In the bottom members area, add yourself as member(+) fill in your Email address (Trimble ID) and assign yourself.

@MikeWayzovski thank you very much for your response!!!
the problem is that i cannot do that since when i click the bottom members area i get this message “You Have No Subscription Products”

but when i hit the members button with on my company name tag it says that i have a subscription for SketchUps studio (!) and it has my name as a user below…??

You want to look in the Members area under the Persefoni Pattakou section and make sure you are assigned there.

i think as i am reading other stuff over the internet that the problem is the authorised device since it is not authorised with the subscripted user (who is me again but never mind) can i deauthorize a device and then authorise it again??

@ChrisDizon thank you very much for your response ! i am not assigned there how can i add me there?

i get this message How about now :wink:

When you sign into SketchUp, does it say you are you still on the Trial?

One other question… when you purchased from the reseller, along with the purchase confirmation email, did you receive another email stating that you have been assigned a license to the subscription?

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WOW!!!:smiley::blush:@ChrisDizon thank you so much! i am amazed and grateful!
now everything is ok!or at least everything looks ok!!
i can use my sketchup subscription, my laptop is authorised and now i can add my thea extension !!!

yes i received an email that said " Entitlement Created - ***************" it had the product name the quantity and the order number but it did seem useful, at least to me…:hushed::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

43 see no trial version!!

thank you very much again for your instant response and for the solution!

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I have had a subscription for around 3 months, but my software is telling me (in the top of the frame) that I am on a trial version and it will expire soon…

Is there anything I have to do?

thank you

I think that you have used various email addresses when signing in. The email that has the subscription is the one that includes .sz@gm… If you are signed in under any other email, it will have triggered its own trial, and won’t see the Pro subscription.

I accidentally created 2 accounts, but I thought they were joined now…When I sign in with my other address it is the same avatar…

I signed out with my business email an in with my private and it seems to solve this. I thought it was the other way around…

Thank you