My account says 0/2 seats available, but no one is signed on. .

I am beyond frustrated tonight and am looking for help. This may be a newbie question, but I really do not know what to do.

I have 2 annual subscriptions for Sketchup Pro.
If I understand correctly I can use Sketchup in 2 places at one time. Is that correct?
Right now I have Zero computers signed in and Sketchup is saying that I have 0/2 seats available.

I have “deactivated” users. Nothing changed. I actually turned off one computer, nothing changed.
Doeas anyone know why???

Help, Help.

If you go to Trimble | Account Management you can use the Manage Devices option to Deauthorize all your devices which means you can then just log in again and get going.

Thanks for the suggestion Box, but I have done that twice…
I doesn’t change anything. Any other ideas??

Make sure you sign out. Then reboot your system and try loggin again. Clearing your internet cache can’t hurt either. There have been quite a few people having log in issues lately and it all seems to be a combination of things, including holding your tongue the right way.

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Most frustrating thing for me is that I have a presentation I need to finish for a client and no way to sign in. Also, there is not a phone number to call, that I can find.

Feeling more frustrated with SKetchup/Trimble than Comcast…
Now thats a first!

@colin, can you assist?

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If you are the account owner of a subscription with more than one seat, you need to assign those seats to individual email addresses in the member section of that account.
Since it say’s 0/2, they are already taken.( one of them could be yourself btw)

Those user’s can manage their devices only, you can’t manage logins as Owner or ‘Company admin’ even when you revoke and reassign in that member section.

There is a maximum of logins per Trimble ID (emailaddress) so when you exceded that number they have to go to their AMP and ‘manage their devices’ in the ‘My products’ section (endusers have a different looking AMP)

As Owner or Admin, you only get to see a product if you have product access in the Member section.

It’s a kind of Oracle’s programmers logic…

:laughing: :laughing:
In plain English: a muddle.
I have said it before: the license system is unworthy of the basic intuitiveness and simplicity of SketchUp. I always compare it to Rhino that has simple options: license bound to a single computer, license checked out from the server every time you start the app, and a license server of your own. It might be a little less “flexible” but there is no hassle.


Sorry for the time differences and only now seeing this.

Mike explained things. 0/2 means that you have assigned the two subscription seats, one happens to be to yourself, and the other is to someone whose email starts with ‘whit’.

If either of you start to use SketchUp and see a message about too many activations, you would sign into the account management page with that particular email address, and do the steps Box talked about. After deauthorizing all devices you would then sign out, and sign in again, on the machine you’re trying to use.

Each of the two of you are allowed to sign in on two of your computers.

One thing to understand, that may be the main issue, each version of SketchUp that you sign into counts against your two sign ins that you are allowed. If you recently upgraded to 2022 and were still signed in under 2021, you’re already one sign in down. Being signed in with 2021 on two machines and trying to sign in with 2022 on the same two machines, will make the second sign in look like you’re trying to be signed in four times.

So, if you have 2021 still installed, open it briefly and sign out, then close SketchUp and open the 2022 version.

There was a change in 2022 that has led to some other difficulties, but that was intended to help with this problem. If you want to be using 2022 and accidentally open 2021, that brief moment of opening and closing 2021 would have automatically signed you in, and taken up the sign in you were trying to use with 2022. The change in 2022 is that if you have done a deauthorize all, opening 2022 will require you to sign in, it won’t do that automatically.

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Thank you for your response, everyone.
I actually went to my business last night and signed out of everything.
I restarted the computers and I still cannot use sketchup.

I have forwarded your instructions to Whit, but if I am understanding you correctly Once I signed out and in I should have been able to use my seat on one computer. Is that correct??

Also, Is there simpler way?? IS there something other than a subscription??
I also use Quickbooks in my office with a limited number of “seats” and I assumed this works the same way, but apparently it does not. So I am having trouble understanding the “seats”.

If Whit was signed in as you, that would lead to problems. He can check what email address is being used by looking at his Help menu.

This getting signed in only needs to be done after devices have been deauthorized, and also every 28 days. If you’re going to be offline for a couple of weeks it would be worth signing out and in again, so that you have 28 days before you’re asked to do that.

You have two seats, and each seat refers to a single person. Each single person can be signed in on two of their computers, which would allow you to work on your desktop at the office, and on the road with your laptop, for example.

There is a different kind of seats way of working. You could say have 5 seats and 10 people, and so long as 5 or less are signed in, all 10 people could take it in turns to use the seats. That’s how our Network License worked, where a big company would pay us for a year’s worth of perhaps 50 seats, and their 80 architects could have SketchUp installed. The 51st person to try to use SketchUp would see an error message, and hopefully the IT person would have a scheme in place to encourage people not actually using SketchUp to close the program when they are not using it.

That kind of license isn’t around now, other than in some cases where the company is extremely large. It wouldn’t have been offered to small companies in the past either, except for quite a long time ago.

Your QuickBooks might be that kind of license.

If you are sure you are signed out elsewhere, or you have deauthorized all devices, what messages do you see when you try to sign in? If you see any messages, try closing SketchUp and in File Explorer paste in this location:

%AppData%\SketchUp\SketchUp 2022\SketchUp\

In that folder, delete the file named ‘login_session.dat’, and reopen SketchUp.