Number of Devices per Seat Fail

The license our company purchased includes 2 seats, which should allow 2 devices to be signed into Trimble at the same time per seat. Currently we are only able to have one device signed in at a time and only on one of the seats user account. The other three potential devices when attempting to sign in get the message that there are currently too many devices signed in. Where every known device used by our company has indeed been signed out entirely of everything Sketchup it is still refusing to let us use Sketchup. We had sent out an email last week to technical support but have not had any reply.
Has anyone experienced this glitch before? Is there any way to see a list of “signed in” devices to make sure our account isn’t being used for personal use by someone?

Check this page:

Thank you for the link.
At the bottom of the page it starts to explain deauthorizing devices, however, it doesn’t clarify what will happen to the devices after they have been deauthorized. If we do have too many devices signed in that we are unaware of, would deauthorizing the devices permanently remove the ones we intend to use as well, or will we be able to re-authorize our working devices? It doesn’t seem likely that there are hidden devices using this account, but there is also no “list” to view devices, as far as I can see, to confirm what devices may still be signed in.
We still have not received any technical support through Trimble.

Any machines that were currently using SketchUp, at the time you deauthorized all devices, will see a message that says they cannot open an existing file, or start a new document. The current document can be save. The machine can be re-authorized by closing and opening SketchUp, or by signing out an in again.

Any machine that was authorized, and now deauthorized, but SketchUp was closed at the time, will get re-authorized when you open SketchUp.

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