Unauthorized notice

I cannot access my files, keep getting a window that says my device is not authorized. Have logged in over and over, still doesn’t work. Tech support is a joke, they just tell me to keep logging in.
They killed my day today, and I don’t know what to do to get my business up and running.
Please someone help!! They are killing my business!!!


Thanks for this Mike, but if I remove the only seat that I have, how will this authorize my device (the same and only device that I have been using for the duration of this subscription)?
My other option is to give them more money to add a seat, when I don’t want to do that?

One seat is allowed to sign in on two devices (but can on three)
The subscription license is not attached or tied to a device, though, it’s tied to the Trimble ID.

To add, even if you buy an extra seat, it wouldn’t allow you to be signed in on 4 (6) devices, in such a case, you would need to assign it to another email address (=Trimble ID) in the Member section.