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I just updated my SU pro to 2021 and added a seat and can’t (did this at the office) and can’t access SU on my home computer.


Did you add a seat (Did you buy an extra subscription ) or did you add a Member?
Are you the ‘admin’ (the email address that bought the subscription)
Check this:

I added a seat and added a member. Yes, I’m the admin.

So use the email address of the added Member to sign in in the Welcome screen of SketchUp

but he’s using SU at home at this moment…

So he needs to sign in with the email you added as member
Can you upload a screenshot of your AMP (blur email addresses )

he did - I added his email addy and he is signed in with it. I am signed in w my un(email)/pw. I did this at the office on Friday. I’m working from home today and can’t access SU.

BTW what my AMP? (lame newby, sorry)

Go to and sign in on the top right
Then at the same spot, you can ‘Manage your acvount’

I appreciate your time, BTW. Thank you.

I’m into manage my account. I’ve ben poking around this set of pages all day and can’t find how to allow my access…

Where did you buy? Directly at Trimble?
Go to the Member area on the left, there should be a ‘scoreboard’ (eg 2 seats assigned, 1 remaining)

Trimble direct, yes. The Member / Scoreboard: Active Seats 2, Remaining Seats 0.

So each seat is taken, a subscription or seat is personal. The two email addresses are to be used by the ones who ‘owns’ them.
Each Trimble ID (or email address) may activate SketchUp on two devices (plus one reserve, btw).

Also, a sign in in SketchUp 2020 and 2021 counts as two ‘devices’, so you might run out of activtions

If that happens, each Member has to ‘Manage his devices’ for himself, the admin cannot do that for him.
This can be done in his or her own AMP, but than in the My Products section on the left. In this section, the enduser must click on his product (if he has more Trimble subscriptions) on the top and than click on ‘View Included Apps’

Got it.
Sounds like I have a 2020 subscription still active keeping me from using both of my seats for 2021.

What is my AMP?

Active Member Profile?

The Trimble Account Management Portal (TAMP or AMP) which you access through
but I prefer AMP, because ‘TAMP’ has a different meaning in our language. (censored)

pay attention with what email you access that page.

got it.

OK it wants me to log in w email and pw. I usually log in w email and Google Chrome (for which I have the pw written down at the office) arg!

I am confused, the password for accessing the TAMP should be the same, or are you refering to the Trimble ID of your collegue?
Is his or hers Trimble ID already activated? Or did you fill in the first and last name?

never write down passwords, if you used google sign up before, you need that pw. You can also use ‘forgotten’ password to reset.

Right - I have the PWs in a secure doc at the office - I’ll pick it up there. You’ve been very helpful, Mike. TY!

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