Available Seats for Subscription Sketchup Pro

Hi There,
I have a subscription of Sketchup Pro.
Although I have only one seat, isn’t there a way in which I could work seamlessly between my laptop and PC without having to sign out from one machine inorder to work on the other ? At any given time, only one machine is active, I never have to use both machines simultaneously. I have started noticing this restriction after the 2022 upgrade. Trimble should have a way of knowing that only one machine is running the software, and so should not compel the end-user to remember to sign out every-time he or she is exiting the software.

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You may be signed in on two ‘devices’, but can be signed in on three.
You have to take in account that a device is actually a version of SketchUp, so a sign in in version 2021 and one in 2022 on the same machine are counted as two.

You might wanna reset the count in your AMP (myaccount.trimble.com) in a browser (doesn’t matter on which machine you do this)
Choose ‘My Products’, then on ‘View included apps’ and in the SketchUp part, choose ‘Manage Devices’
After confirming, you need to sign out in the App(s) via [menu] Help > Signout (emailaddress) and close the App.
When now starting SketchUp again and signing in, you’ll start fresh.

It seemed to have worked !
[For now atleast, hopefully there wont be any disruptions down the road]
Thanks Mike.


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