Not getting decent service

I am so frustrated. I have been using sketchup for maybe 20 years. Now I can’t get around expired free sample. I updated my subscription in February.
Doggone it! Fix it! Now!`

@colin or @MikeWayzovski Perhaps you can lend some expertise to resolving account issues?

TDahl, thanks, hope they can.

I don’t have access to accounts or knowledge of email addresses of forum users that seek help.
In most cases, the account owner (the Trimble ID or email address that buys the plan/subscription needs to assign it in the Member section of the AMP (account management portal,
Direct customers have the option to ‘automatically assign’ when going through the buying process, but sometimes this is unchecked.
(One has the ability to choose another Trimble ID, or they have bought multiple seats)

So you need to check the AMP in a browser, choose the Member section on the left and make sure that the email address has ‘Product access (third column)
This can be changed by clicking on the three dots in the last column.
When this is done, you will probably need to sign out in SketchUp itself and back in to see the changes.

I do have access to emails and account information! This time it seems not to be what Mike was suggesting. I only see one email address for you, and that is the one that is assigned the SketchUp Pro subscription seat. You may have another account under a different name, and are signing in with that one.

If you are signing in with the email you use in the forum (the mmense one), it should be working.

Yes, I am using my address and it is not working. There is a gif fervent made up address of I click on the little face icon. I have signed out of that and then tried to sign in with my own address. Does Not Work. I am an architect with many subscriptions. The only one that does not work is sketchup. Why cant Trimble fix this. Nobody disputes the I paid for the subscription in February.

Someone in support is going to contact you to figure this out. Please reply to the support email with your gif, or any other screenshots that show what you have tried.