Can't find my subscription

I just paid for my yearly pro subscription today after the month trail, following the link from the app and paid. now I can’t see the plan in My products or Plan settings. tried log out log in a couple times, no luck. I am the only user for this account and only one email i have ever used to access this account. Please advise

Sometimes, it can take a while before the order is processed (20 min or so)
Have you cleared caches/ refreshed that page?

Yes I have tried that… and it’s been 3 hours still not showing

Weren’t you redirected to a Distributor/Reseller in your country?
Maybe, the creditcard company is asleep :slight_smile:

Hmmmm nope. Paid already and through the official Sketchup site

For anyone following along, I do see the order in our system, but also see that the entitlement hasn’t shown up in the account. Customer Service are checking into the problem.


ho lo stesso problema, come devo risolvere???

Contact support on this page: