Subscription issue, please help!

Good morning fellas! Earlier this year I purchased a Sketchup subscription and started modelling a little bit, but then I stopped. Yesterday I decided to give it another try but now it seems my 1-year subscription has vanished. Payment went through apple, and I can see that there’s more than 6 months left on my apple devices. I log in through apple, tried using log in through email with the same mail as my Apple ID but sketchup does not regcognize it. Nowhere I look while logged in is there an active subscription besides the free version.

What do I do?? All I want is to be able to 3d print this nice ventilation rain cover I designed. :frowning:

I ask of aid, Internet forum!

What version did you subscribe to?
Maybe @colin can check your subscription status and help you to recover the user information.

It’s possible that when you signed up you used the “hide my email” option. That means I can’t look up your products using the email address you use in the forum.

Try signing into this page, and use the Sign in with Apple option:

Does that sign in work?

Thankful you’ve taken your time, but still no solution. It might’ve been a subscription specific to my ipad, i saw those ones exist?

Login email would be: (I edited out the email from your post. The email you gave is the one that I checked).

Again, thanks!

But did you got signed in?
The private_relay email address would be shown on the left side, just below the profile picture.

Another way to check the email addresses that Apple uses is to go to Settings > Apple ID > Sign in and Privacy > Sign in with Apple > App id for Trimble Identity