Subscription is valid but doesn’t show that its linked with my apple id


Today i was using sketchup and it crashed so I restarted the app. After that my account went from subscribed to free plan.
It says that I have a free plan, but if I try to subscribe again it says that I’m already subscribed.
But still a free plan account. Can’t use it.
So i have reinstalled the app and now all my projects have evaporated to thin air - still logging in with the same account as usual.
Also I read from forum that maybe I was hiding my email or something so I cleared that also - didn’t work.
I have depleted all the possibilities and nothing works.
I have talked on the phone with Apple customer support and they say that everything is ok and normal on their end.

But the Sketchup support has been lacking. No help basically. They replyed to me and basically saying that my account doesn’t exist and they have no entity with my email. Even tho I logged in with my apple id account.

Also I sent them videos and pictures, but nothing.
I bought the subscription 5 days ago and now they are basically saying thats nothing.

I’m losing money every minute I cant use the app and as I dont have a computer - I’m basically f***d.
Its a lot of money for me.

Is there any suggestions more that I could try?

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If you did buy the Go subscription using Sign In with Apple, and having chose to hide your email, no longer hiding your email will not connect you to your subscription, because now you are using a different email address.

Look for any emails from Trimble (especially the Go subscription ones), and check the email address that it was sent to. If you can say the first set of letters in the email address, I can check to see if that’s the one that has your Go subscription.

I only have the receipt

So one of the things that could have happened, which sounds like it could be the case here:

You’ve taken out a sub with apple using your apple ID
You’ve then gone and created a Trimble account , but have tapped the “hide” my email - this sends a fake email address to trimble.

You now have an trimble account which holds the actual subscription under a fake email that you’ve forgotten - this is now a different email address to what you would use. It will be something randomised such as “

You need to find out what this email was, so you can sign in and use the subscription.

Now if this is the case, you need to check your email and look for ones from Trimble, there may be a reference from icloud that you used a forwarding email such as the randomised one above.

Alternatively if you go to the settings app your IOS device, tap on your profile at the top, go to icloud and go down to icloud+ “hide my email” . Here you can see any fake emails that you’ve created and the site that you used it on.
Hopefully there is a trimble or sketchup one there.

make a note of that email and try signing in with that.

[email removed]

Do not post e-mail addresses on a public forum.

@colin just asked you for the first set of letters …

Sorry, my mistake. Well the first set of letters are mxbhd

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I looked up that address, and it’s not known by our system.

The email you use in the forum did do a trial of Go that ended in May, but wasn’t used when you paid for it. Your iCloud email only has access to the free version, even though it was the email used to pay for the subscription.

At the moment I’m puzzled. It’s possible that buying a Go subscription entirely through Apple doesn’t show up in our system. I’m looking into whether there is a restore purchases option you could try.

Well is there a possibility to just make my apple id email the one with the subscription.

At the moment I understand I have lost all my ongoing projects because they were attached to that hide my email account.

Or is there a possibility to look me out by name?

I tried that too.

You could turn on the hide my email address again, then sign into this page using Sign In with Apple:

See if you succeed in signing in, and what models do you find.

I tried that. No luck.
There is only two models. The logo and the building.

For the Trimble Connect test, I meant you would sign in on your computer. If we can find where your previous models have gone to, that should tell us which is the right email address to use.

Do you remember the name of any of the projects or models you made recently?

I made that before I reinstalled the app

You should really give your models a proper useful name!!


Amen for that!

Strangely, that may have helped! Your model dates are from the time you first tried Go, which you did under your gmail address. Try signing out, then sign in with Google, with the email that includes 93@

It is possible that those are all local files, in which case they’re not tied to your gmail address. It’s worth a try though.

Just noticed, what happens if you touch the Manage button?