My sketchup go's subscription is not working when i sign in to my ipad or web

My sketchup go’s subscription is not working when i sign in to my ipad or web
I have purchase sketchup go subscription with my ipad, i got a receipt from app store and can work perfectly until today, suddenly it show that my subscription plan is free. then i’ve login to web browser and it still show only free version , not had my payment history.
i’ve contact apple support but they say i need to talk with sketchup team.
can somebody help me, really thx.

Did you get the subscription a month ago? If you did, it is assigned to an email that ends with Make sure you are signing in with that email address.

Can i change my email address?
My academic just change the policy and maybe i cant use that mail in the future

Sign into here, using the email address:

Look in the Members section, and you should see that email address assigned the Go subscription. There are three dots next to the entry in the list, click on those to see options to remove that one from the list. After it is removed you can add a new user, and for the new user you could use the email address you want to use.

Once the right email is in the list you can start signing in with that email address, to be able to use the Go subscription.

This article shows the steps needed to remove a user and add a new user:

Hi i got the same problems, subscription via apple store. But in the apps showing im on free version

Did you at some point choose the hide your email option when signing in with Apple? You did have a Go subscription that expired in May, that was under your Gmail address. If you now hide your email, having renewed your subscription while using the Gmail address, your Apple ID email won’t be tied to that subscription.


Same problem here. Sign in with Apple, email hidden.

Thank you.

Version 6.1.5 (1909), iPadOS 16.2

I can see you have a Free entitlement with your Sign in with Apple. When you paid for Go, did you sign in some other way?

Thanks for responding so quickly.

No, I purchased it through App Store on iPad with the same Apple ID.

The app prompted me to sign in again today and went from Go to Free.

I wonder if the purchase through Apple then assigned Go to your real Apple ID email address.

If you click on my avatar, then Message, you could send a private message to me with your name and Apple ID email, and I can check to see which email address Go is assigned to.

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I’m having the same issue. Accept I purchased a subscription on the website. But it just shows free user when I sign in on iPad. Did this get resolved?

Probably had the same problem as me, i did choose hide my email when registering the account. All you need to do is to find the unique email address in the icloud setting and login with that email address. Hope that helps.

So long as you are signing in with your iCloud email address on your iPad, you should be able to model things. If you signed in with your work email address, then the iPad app would only be the viewer version.

Same problem here. I subscribe sketchup pro via website but my sketchup app on my ipad still shows that im on my free plan. How to resolve this?

In your case, you have two email addresses. The one you use in the forum only has the Free version available. The email that Pro is assigned to is different, that one starts with your last name dot dbach.

I think that email address has been sent an invite, but hasn’t been replied to yet.

To set which email uses the Pro subscription (and therefore gets the iPad entitlement as well), sign into this page with the email address you use in the forum:

Check the Members section, and see who is listed as having Pro assigned to them.

Hi my son’s SketchUp Go’s subscription is not working when he signs in to his ipad or web
We have purchased an annual sketchup go subscription for the ipad in early May 2023, We got a receipt from app store and it was working perfectly until today, suddenly it shows only the free version of the app. We tried logging in via Gmail and his Apple ID but to no avail. Funny thing is that we can see that we already have the annual subscription when we try to upgrade or manage in his user profile. It’s really baffling why he can’t access the full version of the app. Can someone please help us with this issue please? Thanks in advance.

If he used the hide my email option that you also used, using the Sign in with Apple option should work. Signing in with Google or Trimble, using his real Apple ID email address, wouldn’t work.