İ Bought subscription for a year but ı cant use it

I have a year and ı used to use it but after ı delete and download the program again ı cant use my subscription ı dont know why. I still have it ım sure ı can check it but ı cant use it.
I can see in my subscription in my ipad but i cant use my subscription on SketchUp
Pleas help its emergency

Wish I could help, but it’s a 3-day holiday weekend in the US, and I bet the SU team won’t be back until Tuesday. You might get more help if you can share more details, perhaps someone can help.

I have scription till 24/11 but when ı log in sketchup leads to purchase but if ıtry to buy sketchup makes me warming “you all ready buy it “ but ı cant use it

Maybe @colin can check the email registered with your Trimble account, I don’t know much of it, I’ve never had this problem on any of my machines or iPad, if I had to guess what’s going on I would say that the user or password are wrong but Colin can check that.

In Settings, go to Apple ID > Sign in with Apple to check which email is used when ‘Hide my email is checked’

In Safari, head for sketchup.com and sign in on the top right with that email address.

Than, go to manage account in the same spot to see if it has products.

Also check this post:

Thats my account ım sure ı check it ı dont have any creative because ı delete when ı try to everything to use my subscription back

When you sign in, do you use the first name and password that you see, or do you use Sign in with Apple?

If you delete an account, you’re throwing things away that were assigned to it.

What email is shown by App ID for Trimble Identity if you go to Settings > Apple ID > Password & Security > Sign in with Apple?

I cant sing in with apple ıd ım using mail adress and password if ı try to use apple ıd its not work

Guys ı realy dont understant why ı cant sing in with my apple ID ?

When you subscribe when using the ‘hide my email’ option, the plan goes to that privaterelay address.

I have assigned it to your gmail addres, try to sign in on the ipad as you would normally do.

PS, best to remove all those posts with email address

Hi there, we are experiencing the same login issue as the case above. Can you please help?