Purchase problems

I purchased sketchup Studio annual on the 22/05/2023. I still have not been able to access into my account on the sketchup app. All it says is that my 30 day free trail is up. On the day of purchase I received my invoice and emails asking how my purchase was. Can anyone help with this?

Nine out of ten times someone is having an issue it is because they purchased with one email and are trying to log in with another one. Are you logging into the Trimble log in page with the email and password you used to purchase?

I uninstalled the app and re-installed it. When I’ve re-installed it’s told me to do an update. I will see if this was the problem. Thanks for the quick response

That won’t fix the issue that Aaron is referring to.

Did you go into your account management portal at connect.trimble.com and assign SketchUp Studio to yourself?

The other issue left is when you unchecked the option while purchasing to assign it automatically.

Then, you have to assign it manually in myaccount.trimble.com under the Member section