Downloading FREE Sketchup Make not working

Hi folks

I just starting having issue with Sketchup. I have used this lovely software for years but do not need the PRO version. I recently upgraded my old MacBook to El Capitan. Reloaded the 2016 Sketchup Pro free trial. It say the 30 day period is expired after only 2 days of use (is it recognizing the computer?) and then after multiple uninstalls and reinstalls, it defaults back to the expired page. The choice, according to the page says I can carry on with Sketchup Make, as long as i accept the end user agreement. This “acceptance box” does not appear and there is NO CHOICE to continue with free version. I am perplexed as to what to do next…it keep defaulting back to buying/upgrading to Pro version. There seems to be others having this issue and the solution does not seem apparent today. HELP!!!

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Yes, as well as your ip address and other things…

you only get the ‘continue with Make’ option if you downloaded the ‘Make’ version…

then after 30 days of use, you get the option you require…

if you instal ‘Pro’ for 30 days, your trial is used and installing “Make” or upgrading your OS will not ‘reset’ that back…

so, download and install ‘Make’ and report back…


I have the same issue siwthom reported. I attempt to open SketchUp Make, and a page is displayed with four sections. The top section (1) is static license information for Make. The following sections are collapsable sections: 2) Learn, 3) License, and 4) Template:

  1. Static - Licensed To: SketchUp Make 2016 User, Pro Trial, Expired
  2. Learn > You’ve Been Using SketchUp for 30 days.

Your trial of SketchUp Pro is over and we hope you had a great time. Now you have a choice…

Keep modeling for free: Click “I agree” below to accept SketchUp’s End User License Agreement and acknowledge that SketchUp Make is not licensed for commercial use.


Buy SketchUp Pro (Hyperlink control box)

NOTE: There is not a control of any type, e.g., check box, radio button, etc., to “Click ‘I agree.’” There is NOT a “SketchUp’s End User License Agreement” below in this section (License) or the following section (Template) to view, read, and accept." However, the “SketchUp’s End User License Agreement” is a hyperlink that takes the user to another page where the agreement is available to view and read, but there isn’t a control to “Click ‘I agree.’” to accept the agreement.

  1. License -

SketchUp Make 2016 (Pro Trial)
Licensed to: SketchUp Make 2016 User, Pro Trial, Expired
Buy License Add License… (Hyperlink Control)

NOTE: The static section (1), now has a “Add License Button” enabled, and a “Choose Template Button” disabled. If the “Add License Button” is clicked, the following is displayed:

Copy and paste your license info below


NOTE: If the “Advanced Button” is clicked, the following is displayed:

Copy and paste the full text of your SketchUp Pro license here, then click “Add license” to proceed.

Back to simple licensing…, Add License (button)

NOTE: The user cannot return to the previous section or click on another section to view the section contents. The user must force quite SketchUp Make and relaunch the application.

  1. Template - A list of available templates, which includes a summary of the templates purpose.

I’ve uninstalled and re-installed a number of times and cannot without success. I do not wish to use SketchUp Pro nor do I have plans to purchase SketchUp Pro. I do wish to continue to use SketchUp Make.

How does a user simply install SketchUp Make?

Thank you.

The symptoms you describe are consistent with you having downloaded and installed the Pro version, not Make. Both versions start with a 30-day free trial, but at the end of the trial the Pro version drops to the screens you describe whereas the Make version has the behavior you want. Completely remove the current installation, then go to this page and carefully download the Make installer.