SketchUp Make download page on SketchUp website is Pro version

bugra… Here is what I see… I select personal use, the box says download sketchup make, but the file linked to the button is the pro version. There are no other options for other selections. I’m going to attach screenshots of the process I see. There is no way to get the “make” version instead of the pro from this process.

This is the second screen after I press on the “Download Sketchup Make” button.

This is the file that is prompted to save/run after pressing the download button. There is no option to differentiate pro from make and up to this point I only believe I am downloading the make version. You guys have not made a secondary download site/location available for errors that have been going on for several months and it is unfortunate that we have to consider going to unsafe locations to try and use the product. Why hasn’t a secondary option been created?

@jcs_dvm Thanks. What version of Internet Explorer are you using? Looks like you are running 32-bit Windows, is that correct? If so. Here is the direct download link for SketchUp Make 2015 32-bit.

Ugh. Our nonprofit runs numerous classes for kids in SketchUp. Our only option for downloading S/U was to download the Pro version, which we did through Chrome browser. We were then told that the 30 day license would prompt us to either buy Pro or revert to Make. Today prior to class the license ran out, with no option to revert to Make. What do you want us to do? Uninstall Pro and reinstall? This was very inconvenient and not a good idea to force people to Pro.

this is true for the Make only, the Pro version simply expires.

Donwload Make from here.

We do not try to force people into using Pro, sorry to hear you ran into issues and were inconvenienced.

Steps below:

  1. Uninstall SketchUp Pro
  2. Install SketchUp Make
  3. Optional, maybe apply for a non profit grant?


Why do they insist on us downloading PRO when we ask for Make? I have used Sketchup for years to design stage props for local am dram groups. Now I find I can’t get MAKE! I have tried all the options on the download page and always end up with PRO. At the moment all I can do is keep wiping my hard drive and reinstalling Windows & Sketchup so I can finish the Xmas stuff in time!

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If you would have uninstalled SketchUp Pro 2015 and then installed SketchUp Make 2015 all would be fine within 10 minutes. You could then continue modeling the same models.
See this page: Download All | SketchUp
Where it clearly says SketchUp Pro 2015 and SketchUp Make 2015 for Mac or Windows 32 or 64 Bit in different languages. You only need to pick the right one.
Uninstall Pro first!

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Did you get my reply? I am using 32-bit Windows and IE 11. Thanks and I hope that helps!

@jcs_dvm I did get your reply. Thanks! I am checking with my website and QA colleagues to see what’s going wrong there. In the mean time, I hope you did download Make from the direct link I provided and got your issue resolved.

I’m an IT technician for a College, and I have been asked to install the latest version of Sketchup Make onto 1 of our computer labs. I’m trying to download the latest version of Sketchup Make, but each time I try, all I get is trial version of Sketchup Pro, we are not permitted to install trial versions of software onto our computer labs

Bugra, please can you post a direct link to the 64bit version of Sketchup Make 2015?

Thanks in advance.

Here is the direct download link for SketchUp Make 2015 64-bit.

You can follow the instructions here to skip the Pro trial period.

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Yea sketchup is nice but without tgi3d amorph is a bit usless … someone can bring this to life, for god sake!!!

I’m in the same boat… a few weeks ago installed what I thought was Sketchup MAKE. In fact, the installer file still on my computer clearly says SketchupMake.

Now it keeps telling me that “Sketchup PRO license is expired”

I have now several times downloaded and installed/wiped/reinstalled the make version (re-downloaded from the direct link posted above), still no success. Each time I start the app, i get the message that the pro version is expired.

This is on a MAC btw.

I had a very similar problem and after a lot of trial (Pun intended) and error I managed to sort it out.

The problem:
My iMac crashed and needed setting up afresh. The newly downloaded version of Skp Make 2015 only gave me the option to quit or buy a license @ £588.00 at the end of the trial period. Before the crash I’d been using Skp Make 2015 free for ages.

2.6.1 SketchUp Make
“If you choose to download SketchUp Make for a Trial Period, you will also be given access to SketchUp Pro functionality for the Trial Period for your evaluation purposes. Upon expiration of the Trial Period, the Software will automatically revert to SketchUp Make functionality only and the additional SketchUp Pro functionality will become inoperable.”
I emailed Skp Tech Support and they directed me here.
My Solution:
I went to my Application Support folder so that the SKP 2015 folder was visible (because you can’t select it after you go into the backup).
I took my backup (Time Machine) to before the crash date.
I then selected the Applicatio Support//Skp 2015 folder and clicked on the ‘Restore’ button.
When I then opened Skp Make 2015 the options had changed and I clicked on ‘I agree’ and now have a working SketchUp Make 2015.
I’m not a computer wizard and I’m not sure if something else has made it work, but I suggest the above is worth a try.

iMac (21.5-inch, Late 2012)2.7 GHz Intel Core i5
8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3
El Capitan
NVIDIA GeForce GT 640M 512 MB

• SketchUp Help Center : Downloading older versions