SketchUp for Hobbyist

I just realized that the version of SketchUp that I’ve been using for the last couple of days is a “Pro” version. I can’t afford $590 for it. Is there a hobbyist version? I’ve done some searching online but can’t seem to find the answer I’m looking for. A little help would be appreciated. Thanks.

The Pro version that you downloaded comes with a 30 day trial. After the 30 days you will be asked if you want to purchase pro or revert to the free SU Make. I am sorry that it was not clear on the download page. I have been pointing out on this forum that it is not consistently clear which version you are getting when you download, but there seems to be no effort to make it clearer. You are yet another example of the confusion on the download page. Anyway, after the 30 days are up, you will be asked to check a box that indicates that you will be using SU for non-commercial use and you will be taken to the free version. Hope this helps. Happy modeling.


Would you be able to send a screen shot - or explain in more detail - of what you think is confusing? What things would you update or change? It would be good to know what we may be missing and what is important to you, and what may help you and others understand easier.

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Paul, thanks for making that clearer. That’s a relief. I really like the software and didn’t want to have to find an alternate.

the SU Pro 2015 version runs 30 days as a trial and then expires.
the SU Make 2015 version runs 30 days as a trial of the Pro version and then degenerates to the functionality of the Make version besides a license is bought.

download options of Pro and Make seems to be explicitly declared, at least at the download page.

I’m having trouble with Hobby vs. Pro versioning as well. I specifically selected Personal Interest and not Professional Use when I downloaded the installer. When it installed, I was surprised when it showed SketchUp Pro 2015. I thought I might as well try it and let the trial time out and let it revert to basic free version.
Well the trial timed out and there is no option to revert to basic SketchUp Make. It only says Add License.
I uninstalled SketchUp Pro 2015 and went through the download process again. It looked like I had the right download, but the exe was exactly the same name. I tried it and it showed SketchUp Make on the install dialog, but when I ran it, it showed SketchUp Pro 2015 and said the trial had timed out.

Both times I downloaded SketchUpMake-en-x64.exe.

Alex B.
The post above…My point. The confusion continues.

I tried it the other way around - downloading and installing SketchUp Pro 2015, but the result is the same. So the installers are named differently and show different splash screens during install, but they end up the same and at the end of the trial you are out of luck unless you buy the Pro license.

There is a fault in the licensing that is causing an issue with reverting to Make in some systems.
It’s being worked on and you can read about in this thread, Make license Problem

I know this is old, but it’s still relevant. Instead of having fancy wizards to navigate me to the product I should download, just give me a link to a plain text page that says “here’s what we offer, which would you like?”

I just went to get pro and the site was all “We can just get you the web app and that’ll be just as good”… NO I WANT PRO. Stop walking me through 3 clicks to a thing that I don’t want. You “lets get to know each other” is utterly useless!

How you filled in your profile information is utterly useless.
Go to the download page that has been linked to earlier in this very old thread. The link is still current even though it is four years old.