Sketchup Make won't install after Pro Trial

Hi, I appreciate this has been touched on in similar posts but I haven’t found any real help or answers. I installed SU on my MacBook pro but didn’t get round to using it for over a month. When i tried to run it the trial had expired and there was no option to revert to the free version i know and loved. I followed advise on other threads and uninstalled, downloaded '16 make and tried to install it but i still get to a screen telling me the pro trial has expired and there is no route to revert to make.

Annoyingly i can’t even shutdown the application without doing a force shutdown.

Any advice?

Get the ‘Make’ [free] version and install that.
The Pro version does NOT revert to Make.
Pro runs for a trial period and then must be licensed.
Make runs as Pro for a trial period, after that it reverts to Make [unless you subsequently license it].
There are two possible downloads - Pro and Make - looks like you got Pro when Make might have been better off with Make from the start ?

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Thanks but that’s what I did. I downloaded the make version but it still takes me to the licence expired page. How can I clear any memory of the pro version install?

I also have this problem. I was under the impression when I selected for personal use and personal project that these options would lead to the Make version which is what I aimed to download and learn. Now in mid practice 2nd day on it the application crashed and only when I try to re-open the software and trying to create a new file to start over on my practice that I am blocked from creating File>new, as it is greyed out, and it feels like I am being directed to get a pro licence. This arrangement is creating a lot of confusion for people, can someone offer clear instruction on how to get and use Make in the first place, when looking for the software initially it seems all paths lead to the PRO trial. Why frustrate your patrons in this way?

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