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I want to try this … meaning the FREE version. All that downloads is a 30 day Pro trial and that is not my intent (I’ll upgrade if I can get any use from the system). Where is the actual free download … and will that version be of any use or is it so basic to be worthless / frustrating, etc.

What link are you using to download SketchUp? If you download and install SU2018, you will get a 30-day trial of Pro. If after 30 days you don’t get and install the license, it will stop working. There is no Make (free) version of SU2018. If you install SketchUp 2017 Make, it will start with a 30-day trial of SU2017 Pro. If you choose not to get the license, it’ll revert to SU2017 Make.

Note that if you would be using SketchUp for commercial use, you would need the pro version. SketchUp Make is not licensed for commercial use.

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